Here’s Donnie!

Tiffany Trump’s 27th birthday party in Miami last week was a days-long lavish event complete with champagne, dancing and a large gathering of friends. Of course, the party had exquisite decorations, an embellished cake and a to-die-for centerpiece: the sparkling backdrop of a near 16,000 resident death toll in Florida. The first daughter held the celebration just days after the dusty Don himself had been released from the hospital infected with coronavirus, in what seems like yet another attempt from Trumpworld to masquerade the deadly truth of the pandemic while countless Americans continue to suffer daily. 

Let me rephrase: a gruesome disease has struck the country and already killed hundreds of thousands of people standing in its way. But, Prince Prospero is nowhere to be found. Instead, he and his favorite wealthy acquaintances have been cooped up in his castle for the past 8 months throwing a never-ending party, while the poor and dying civilians are left to fend for themselves. Perhaps, if we remain on this path, a ghostly guest is bound to arrive and spill blood all over the White House leaving only “darkness, decay, and the Red Death.” But I digress. 

Members of the Trump family are not the only ones displaying such disregard for human life—it’s the entire Republican party. Rather than swallow their pride and pass a relief bill which would guarantee aid to millions of American civilians, the GOP has been kerfuffling for months on whether a stimulus package is the best campaign strategy or if it is too much money and will inadvertently advance the demands of the Democratic party. At the same time, they are hard pressed to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before its November 3rd expiration date. Any immediate effort in the Senate to craft a smoothed-over bill would derail those blatant efforts to pack the court. So now, we the people are at a perpetual stand still awaiting impending doom on all fronts. 

I wonder if the administration is aware that pride is one of the seven deadly sins, along with greed, sloth, lust, envy, gluttony and wrath. They surely know each of these quite well given the way in which they have handled the pandemic without an ounce of empathy or responsibility right from the get-go. 

When former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in the ICU battling a debilitating case of coronavirus which he contracted from the President, he was granted special access to a not yet FDA approved antibody drug directly from the manufacturer. This is medicine that only rich people would have access to, leaving the rest of us to deal with the enormous implications of this disease ourselves. So, that’s obviously greed. 

For sloth, the President has maintained a COVID platform of inaction on the basis that one day “like a miracle—it will disappear.” 

Additionally, Trump’s coded use of exaggerated language to describe his own physique and later boasting about how doctors apparently said that “they’ve never seen a body kill the coronavirus” like his is lust—toward himself. Gross. 

After seeing containment success in states like New York, where response efforts differed from that on the federal level, the president also went off on an envious tangent effectively attempting to discredit those positive results. 

Not to mention that offering an over-indulgence of tax breaks and benefits to corporate monopolies, but a measly $1,200 stimulus check to the people back in March before heading off to play golf in Mar-A-Lago is a saturated form of gluttony on display. 

The President is also notorious for his toddler-esque twitter temper tantrums, which have been occurring at a more chaotic and accelerated rate. Yeah—wrath. 

The list continues, and now I’m starting to think that after a while Trumpworld got mixed up and began to take direction from Dr. Faustus—forgetting entirely about Dr. Fauci. In the end let’s just hope that with seventeen days left before the election, President Trump doesn’t become anymore hell-bent by the maniacal psychic premonitions which accounted for the near-homicidal deaths of 219,000 Americans and counting. 

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