Here’s Donnie!

Tiffany Trump’s 27th birthday party in Miami last week was a days-long lavish event complete with champagne, dancing and a large gathering of friends. Of course, the party had exquisite decorations, an embellished cake and a to-die-for centerpiece: the sparkling backdrop of a near 16,000 resident death toll in Florida. The first daughter held theContinue reading “Here’s Donnie!”

Don’t Fly Too Close to the Sun, America.

If Donald Trump is a less-eloquent Odysseus with the same amount of arrogance and misguided pride, then the news media are the Trojans who have just located a huge wooden horse at the gate of their city after a ten year siege with the Greeks.  Don’t be deceived by Trump’s lackluster acceptance to concede theContinue reading “Don’t Fly Too Close to the Sun, America.”