Wagshal’s stays up to date with D.C.’s reimposed indoor mask mandate

Wagshal’s, a market and delicatessen on New Mexico Avenue, posts Covid-19 guidance outside its doors for patrons to follow before entering. Mayor Muriel Bowser reimposed Washington, D.C.’s indoor mask mandate last Saturday.

Carlos, a Wagshal’s employee, is working behind the bakery counter and taking care of customers at the register. He said the delicatessen is doing everything it can to be courteous and considerate of others during the pandemic. “We are aware of what we are going through. These rules are necessary.”

Floor stickers are lined up 6 feet apart in Wagshal’s produce section to ensure proper social distancing is maintained by customers waiting in line.

J.B., a lunchtime regular at Wagshal’s, is enthusiastic about the recent indoor mask mandate. “I don’t play with the face coverings,” he said while paying, “I have my N-95 on.”

Wagshal’s employees are required to wear facemask’s while working regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with recent guidance by Mayor Bowser.

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