After 11 months, renters face eviction once again

The Biden administration announced Thursday the nationwide eviction moratorium would expire Saturday, leaving some tenants in fear of finding past due rent notices on their doors. The federal announcement comes a week after Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser ended a local ban on evictions.  Joanna, 32, who lives in the Van Ness neighborhood, said sheContinue reading “After 11 months, renters face eviction once again”

Digital subscriptions to major media surge amid pandemic

The New York Times Company said it reached 8 million subscriptions in a press release announcing its earnings for the second quarter Wednesday. The company projects it will reach 8.5 million paid subscribers by the end of the year. Most of those subscriptions, according to the press release, are digital-only.  Meredith Kopit Levien, the chiefContinue reading “Digital subscriptions to major media surge amid pandemic”

Meeting Machines Halfway

In New York City’s East Village, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, known for its smoked meats and burnt ends, had no choice but to adjust to contactless demands as a means to survive amid the pandemic.  Micha Magid, co-founder and co-CEO of the restaurant, said it had built out a digital platform several years prior, foreseeing trendsContinue reading “Meeting Machines Halfway”

Gig workers grieve one of their own and race to the finish line with new bill to protect efforts to organize

Lynn Murray, a 62-year-old Instacart shopper and delivery driver, was reportedly killed when a lone shooter opened fire in a Boulder, Colorado grocery store on March 22. Consistent with other gig workers, Murray was not classified as an employee by Instacart, the company she worked for, and therefore was not guaranteed protections or workers compensationContinue reading “Gig workers grieve one of their own and race to the finish line with new bill to protect efforts to organize”

Jack of all Trades, Professor of One

Torsten Kunert had palm trees delivered to his house in Los Angeles just before answering the phone on Sunday, March 7. “You can go out and spend a real fortune on palm trees,” he said. “So instead I scoured the internet and found a guy who was losing his landscaping business and had tons ofContinue reading “Jack of all Trades, Professor of One”